Personal Evolution => Social Revolution



A dramatic and wide-reaching change
 in the way something works or is organized 
or in people's ideas about it

My studies thus far have been devoted to engineering and entrepreneurship, having felt that this was the most conducive path for social impact. My professional career has been dedicated to the ‘green’ energy industry, and over time, I have become increasingly frustrated and burnt-out. The technologies are available and the costs are competitive, but the system is not changing, and if anything, is fighting back. I consider myself an industry expert, yet I do not have answers for why this change is not occurring? Is it awareness? Apathy? Greed? 

What I have come to understand is that we cannot solve today’s problems with Western science alone. Today's world is in critical need of a new story. One based on emphasizing everyday mindfulness. One based on recognizing both the individuality and interconnectedness of all beings. One based on cultivating this awareness into global consciousness, a place where true change will begin. 

While I am incredibly grateful for my solid foundation, my potential for making global change is limited until I better understand the human mind. I have been accepted and plan to enroll in the California Institute for Integral Studies to pursue a doctorate in the field of ecopsychology. I am confident that the East West Psychology program at CIIS will accelerate my growth as a leader of the ‘eco’ movement. I trust that the integrative approach of CIIS will nurture my belief in the power of time spent in nature as well as within oneself and will encourage the pursuit of my personal passions for wilderness adventure and yoga. During my studies, I hope to learn how I can scale and replicate this personal evolution into a social revolution, as I want to be at the forefront of educating, inspiring, and leading this transformation.

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A professional hippie integrating western science & eastern philosophy. Educating, inspiring, and leading the next generation by telling a new story.

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